Giving Opportunities Toward COVID-19 Relief

We are here to serve ministries!

Non-profit Christian ministries have experienced a great financial hardship in responding to the ever-changing and ever-increasing needs due to COVID-19. With “Stay at Home” orders and increased restrictions on travel all ministries have been forced to quickly adjust their entire way of serving their constituents and staff. Ministries have had to quickly implement systems and processes to allow for remote-only work. At the same time, many have experienced significant reductions in donor revenue as everyone weathers the uncertainties of the situation.   

CIM is uniquely positioned to assist ministries in making this transition. However, the need is greater than the available resources for many of these Ministry Partners. The IT cost to each of CIM’s Ministry Partners for just the startup phase of “going remote” has ranged from several hundred dollars to well over ten thousand dollars.  

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation, CIM is looking for foundation and individual Donor Partners to raise at least $50,000 to assist in two primary aspects of this dilemma for ministries.

Pathway 1:

CIM would provide donations of up to $5,000 worth of transition-to-remote services to non-profit Christian ministries in need of assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis. These services would be offered to CIM's 20+ Ministry Partners along with other ministries through an online application process.

Pathway 2:

CIM would provide an additional donation of up to $5,000 worth of services toward development of a proactive and comprehensive Ministry Technology Roadmap to help each ministry to effectively transition back into its new normal once the immediate crisis is over.

Information Inquiry:


Need requests would be received through an application process, vetted by CIM's Leadership Team and approved by CIM's Board of Directors. Donations of these services would be provided based on the level of funding provided by CIM's Donor Partners.


It's difficult to predict the impact of COVID-19 Coronavirus, but current precautionary restrictions will disproportionately affect ministry organizations. We've gathered information on available resources and answers to frequently asked questions. To help, click on the DONATE page.