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June 3, 2022

Microsoft Nonprofit Pricing

In this blog, we will cover the pricing structure that Microsoft has for nonprofits with regards to a variety of their products. We are excited to share that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is now available for free for nonprofit organizations.
June 3, 2022

How Do I Set Up Quickbooks for a Nonprofit?

The problem is, to be successful in the modern age, digitalism and technology are practically expected to be parts of any institution’s strategic plan. It’s no different for nonprofit organizations (NPOs).
June 3, 2022

How Much is QuickBooks for Nonprofits?

QuickBooks has three different versions designed for nonprofit organizations. In this section, we’ll break down the cost and features of both to help you determine which one might be the right fit for you.
June 3, 2022

Is There a QuickBooks Discount for Nonprofits?

Too many nonprofits are still operating with basic Excel spreadsheets that might get the job done but can’t take finance and accounting to the next level. What’s more, QuickBooks recognizes that the needs of a nonprofit are different.
June 3, 2022

Which QuickBooks is Best For a Nonprofit?

QuickBooks is a name that many are familiar with for small businesses. But can this tool be used for nonprofits? Having an accounting software that is specifically designed for these needs is important, since for-profit accounting software won’t work the way you need it to. 
June 3, 2022

Free Quickbooks For Nonprofits

QuickBooks is a great solution for nonprofits to handle their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Because nonprofits need to track how money is spent (rather than focusing on the profits earned), having an accounting software that is specifically designed for nonprofits is important.
June 3, 2022

How Does Technology Help Nonprofit Organizations?

When it comes to using technology, some nonprofits may find themselves in the position where technology is limiting their ability to fulfill their mission rather than transforming and enabling their staff, board members, and volunteers.
June 3, 2022

Nonprofit Technology Needs

Technology challenges for nonprofits will vary, but there is an intertwining thread that connects the needs of most nonprofits and that is many nonprofits have hesitations about adopting modern elements into their tried and true systems. In this blog, we hope to shed light on how implementing the right technology can drastically improve the way your nonprofit is run. 
January 14, 2022

How Do Nonprofits Use Technology?

In this blog, we’ll discuss nonprofit technology trends, how to create a technology plan for nonprofits, and explain how you can access discounts to certain tech platforms. 

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