Technology Services

June 3, 2022
How Does Technology Help Nonprofit Organizations?
When it comes to using technology, some nonprofits may find themselves in the position where technology is limiting their ability to fulfill their mission rather than transforming and enabling their staff, board members, and volunteers.
June 3, 2022
Nonprofit Technology Needs
Technology challenges for nonprofits will vary, but there is an intertwining thread that connects the needs of most nonprofits and that is many nonprofits have hesitations about adopting modern elements into their tried and true systems. In this blog, we hope to shed light on how implementing the right technology can drastically improve the way your nonprofit is run. 
January 14, 2022
How Do Nonprofits Use Technology?
In this blog, we’ll discuss nonprofit technology trends, how to create a technology plan for nonprofits, and explain how you can access discounts to certain tech platforms.